Reviews for "CLAB - Pachillis vs Eye-Cue"

I gotta say eyecue all the way the beat was sick but the outtro seemed kinda rough to flow on so mad props to eyecue for that sick ass delivery in his second verse way to close dude


Eye cue wins this one by a hair, close battle. Good enough for a final, but this is semi finals and the competition is strong! Cant wait for the next battle!

Pachili was dope as fuck, but I gotta give it to Eye Cue. I think Pachili was smarter with his flows, but I'm a sucker for stacked punches aaaand Eye Cue just had constant punches. Good shit guys.

IQ for that advancement.

Eye Cue bodied for real. I love Pachili's flow, it's very good and speaks to his potential, but Eye Cue knows how to battle rap, and experience trumped the living shit out of youth this round.

I may have said he lost to Fats, but I knew after the MCI that that was Eye Cue's C or D game going in. This time he brought his A game and the difference was clear. Can't wait to see him v Teq in the finals.