Reviews for "CLAB - Pachillis vs Eye-Cue"


I don't get all the love for Eye-Cue. Well, I do. Great job on both sides. But I feel like Pachillis always had the one up. The way the first verse built up to the end was great.

Eye-Cue stuck to an ABCB rhyme scheme the ENTIRE TIME. That's just weak to me. Pachillis had much more internal rhyme and was all around more lyrical. Eye-Cues second verse just didn't go well with the beat. It felt like a forced delivery. Eye-Cue also didn't vary his voice at all.

Lyrics: Pachillis. Content of both was comparable, but the repetitive ABCB rhyme scheme got annoying.

Delivery: Pachillis. Eye-Cue's voice didn't change throughout.


this was level for the first 3...pachillis had mad flow and rhyme schemes, kinda lacked in substance...eye-que had decent flow, solid rhymes but better substance...4th round was make or break and I think eye-cue just edged it on the 4th...solid effort from both but my vote goes to eue-cue

I keep listening to this over and over and I'm just not hearing why people like this battle so much. I tried looking through the reviews to see if someone pointed out something that I might have missed but this whole battle just sounds generic as a whole and I don't feel like either MC came as hard as they could have - especially since I really like Pachillis' style.

I like Pachillis' rhyme scheme in his second verse but very few lines really stuck out to me from either side.