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Reviews for "CLAB - Pachillis vs Eye-Cue"

I gotta say eyecue all the way the beat was sick but the outtro seemed kinda rough to flow on so mad props to eyecue for that sick ass delivery in his second verse way to close dude


I will go with Eye-cue too.
Mad track, AxTekk strikes again.

Here is my thoughts on this battle

1st Verse: I feel like with the beat you did very well with matching the beat and sound and having good mix of disses and you gained some speed near the end though i believe you were losing the breathe to keep it sounding as smoothe as it was.

2nd Verse:I honestly was not feeling the verse at all your lyrics seemed way to close to mic on the start then you started getting into it more and the more and more i litsened it was hurting my ears no offense it was too loud and i didnt believe you did as strong as punches on this one.


1st Verse: You came out with a decent sounding flow and decent quality level your disses were head on you handled his disses and turned them around and threw more punches out ontop of that thats how a real verse should be a mixture of turning and destroying

2nd Verse:I loved how you came out fast and hard showing Pachilli that you could match his speed except you kept the speed almost the entire speed if not the entire verse, Instead of going slow then fast you went with a sturdy pace and a great flow

In the end it was a great battle and decent beat and 2 really good competitors but my vote is going towards.

Eye-Cue for best sound and verses.

I expected more from Pachilli after that first verse though...

damn it was too close D: but I'll have to say....

Pachillis first verse: 86-100
Pachillis second verse: 88.5-100
Eye-Cue First verse: 87-100
Eye-Cue Second verse: 88-100

Rip Dum - AxTekk beat: Fucking dope: 95-100