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Reviews for "CLAB - Pachillis vs Eye-Cue"

Pachili was dope as fuck, but I gotta give it to Eye Cue. I think Pachili was smarter with his flows, but I'm a sucker for stacked punches aaaand Eye Cue just had constant punches. Good shit guys.

Damn this was a pretty good battle. I like the way both emcees flowed to this beat as well. Pach had some funny lines, the fat jokes were played but generically amusing. Bye cue was funny too. I thought eye cue killed it though with his flips, the I got heavy eatin rappers n chef Jeffery shit.

good close battle but I vote eye cue

Eye cue wins this one by a hair, close battle. Good enough for a final, but this is semi finals and the competition is strong! Cant wait for the next battle!

I don't get all the love for Eye-Cue. Well, I do. Great job on both sides. But I feel like Pachillis always had the one up. The way the first verse built up to the end was great.

Eye-Cue stuck to an ABCB rhyme scheme the ENTIRE TIME. That's just weak to me. Pachillis had much more internal rhyme and was all around more lyrical. Eye-Cues second verse just didn't go well with the beat. It felt like a forced delivery. Eye-Cue also didn't vary his voice at all.

Lyrics: Pachillis. Content of both was comparable, but the repetitive ABCB rhyme scheme got annoying.

Delivery: Pachillis. Eye-Cue's voice didn't change throughout.