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Reviews for "Trigger Finger"

ok now

the graphics are pretty terrible, there is no sound, and most importantly it is pretty dificult right from the go, more health please?

Turex responds:

Okay, thanks for the great suggestions.


This games pretty rough... No works with the graphics, sound would be nice. Maybe some different guns? Plus its to hard from the beginning. Either mor health or lower the dmg of the enemies. And the enemys are just standing on what apears to be some back drop? Maybe make them move around a little more or something. Get more creative...

Turex responds:

I'm not very good with graphics, but I suppose it's no excuse. I'll clean up the graphics and change the gun every level? I will give the player more health, because even I was struggling to complete, and I will try to make them move.

Needs a LOT of improvment!

This game is pretty terrible. Graphics are horride, No sound or good transition. Another suggestion I sould make it to maybe add diffirent characters, rather than just one. ( Like elites or something along those lines) The only change you made between levels is the background, No reward or difficulty boost. It is also too short and too difficult from the start. You need to start off the game easy and THEN go hard. I also would suggest maybe adding upgrades or refills. So, I think this deserves a 0/5.

Turex responds:

Okay. I'll try to make the levels change, rather than just the background, and I can easily make characters. I'm not sure on upgrades, but I can try, the same with sound.

dude you can do better...right?

if you added movement and slower respawn times and...idk maybe some different ammo types,this game would at least get a 7 but sadly....it failed to do so.

Turex responds:

Okay, thanks. I know how to do that, and I should have stuck it in from the start. Thanks.

Misses the mark hard.

Did you not submit exactly the same thing just minutes ago? Banging out backgrounds in MS Paint and tacking on a paper-thin storyline will not save you if you don't do something better with your gameplay.

Did I mention your art is MSPaintey?

Turex responds:

I'll try to improve on the gameplay. I didn't create the backgrounds in MS Paint, but I'll admit they are of that quality.