Reviews for "Super Mario BP Oil Spill"

Really Addictive!

Keeps my attention and it's very entertaining and funny! I was expecting to see more variations in the levels and worlds. I was looking for a change in scenery and different aquatic animals besides the fish because there are more creatures to use than the fish like the squid. This would've been a lot better if there was more variations in the level. However, the game IS splendid! Humorous, fun, addictive, and it gets the point across.


Awesome game

A little classic mario, making fun of BP, very addicting. Nice job

Very addicting game

I thought it was very fun

Nice parody

This was a fun game. I liked the NES style graphics combined with modern situations. Truly, an excellent idea. No bugs at all, the difficulty is there (where's my 1ups man), and the controls fit perfectly. I enjoyed the little scene after 3-4 as well. Great work. Bravo!


this is the best game i have played in a long time! keep up the good work! very creative and also something everyone can relate to. usually i don't like things that involve pop culture but this one is spot on! tremendous work! :D 10/10 5/5
-Josiah 360