Reviews for "Super Mario BP Oil Spill"


A very decent game, although it would be better if you didn't mention any specific company. I live in the area where the oil spill hit, it wasn't totally BPs fault. The disaster would have been a lot worse if the civilians didn't try to help by pumping seawater into the fire, which corroded the pipes causing the catastrophic failure.

Good yet hard

this actually a good collaborative game, retro physics while making a mockery of a current real world problem is pretty funny. Taking cheep-cheeps and clogging te pipes with them is pretty original it seems as well as those annoying scuba divers who try to destroy the fish making it hard to stop the spills.

I found as you get higher up in the levels that the gameplay gets harder and harder and I seem to get less time as I get better in the levels. Overall this seems to be a rather fun and challenging game, good job.

Mockery responds:

Thanks for the nice review! And yeah, the game definitely gets harder as you progress. If you can last through World 3-4, you'll get to see a nice cinematic of BP's destruction at the hands of Mario. Good luck!

Really Good Parody Game

Kudos to you fine sir. You made a game that captures the gameplay elements of Super Mario Bros. with a (somewhat) timely global event. Removing the social commentary from the picture, the gameplay is smooth, the controls are fluid, and the challenge increases as one advances in the game. The small sprites make the game a bit frustrating, especially given the size of the game window. The sound effects are perfectly re-appropriated. Going back to the social commentary elements, the oil filling the screen to represent the timer is brilliant, and the enemy BP divers and subs drives home the point you are trying to make with the game. Only one question: if Mario has such amazing powers that he can survive swimming underwater and through oil without being scathed, why does he need dead fish to plug a pipe? Oh, wait, he's a plumber, he knows what he is doing. Never mind.

Nice idea

love the concept, and everything moves great. Evil BP. But it gets boring, I only played till level 2-1, and seeing that 1-4 had nothing special to offer, I stopped playing. But still, looks nice and is fun for the first few levels. Really liked the idea though.