Reviews for "Super Mario BP Oil Spill"

Pretty good.

Stuff past world 2-0 is too hard, though. If you could lower the difficulty a smidge, it would make it a way better game.

Well made; not much fun

From a technical stand point, there is nothing wrong with the game. The controls are simple and perfect, and the visual style is exactly as it should be. The premise is even funny. But let's face it, water levels are the worst in any Mario game, and that's all we've got here. Makes me sad.

Nice one.

I can only think of one way this game could have been improved;

Why can't I use the DIVERS to plug up an oil leak? That would be the richest irony in the world, the very people who are out to stop you from saving the ocean, in death, are used to save the ocean!


Its good but a little difficult.

meh okay

funny concept interesting game felt a little dull but good otherwise