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Reviews for "Papa's Burgeria"

Can't get to day 2 without the screen going black :(

Makes me really hungry while playing this on an empty stomach ;-;

Way more interesting than "Pizzeria"! I'll move on to the <newer> ones later, which start getting significantly better and even more entertaining!

The orders that some customers had tho... Triple meat with cheese in between each time, sounds kinda crazy to me..

great game

I just like cooking my own burgers how i want them i get sick of the stupid customers then i just load last save .-.

Much like Pizzeria, this game has its fair share of aging, and shows pretty well how it's one of the first in the series. However, I do think it holds out slightly better than Pizzeria, thanks to it introducing upgrades. That greatly helps in improving scores—though I typically still have rather average wait times when I finish orders—and helps to keep track of how certain burgers are progressing.

However, not all of the upgrades are that good. For one, I think the heatlamp should've been much more powerful and just flat out make the heat stay at max, or otherwise ditch the heat system the burgers had. Sure, it's more realistic having them, but it's not fun, and usually makes it hard to keep track of due to having so many customers.

Second, this game really, REALLY, need to introduce the faster orders depending on the tier. Orders take so long, and in this game they can be ridiculously long, taking well over ten seconds to get. This can end up causing burgers to overcook, for wait times to plummet, for more people to pile up; it's a bit of a mess because of this.

Third, unless the above problems were addressed in this, ten customers is just way too much to deal with in a day. What with all you have to cover to ensure a good build, it's easy to lose track because of the sheer amount you get each day. Like I said though, this wouldn't be so bad if the above mentioned issues weren't a problem.

I honestly like the lobby decoration a lot better in these early games compared to the newer ones; while I have fun customizing characters, I tend to end up getting bored with lobby decorating extremely fast; especially due to the "freshness" meter. I'd like if the lobby made a return to this, where you buy upgrades and they're just always there to help improve points and wait times. And that per holiday the look of it would switch out. Or at least have an option to have a sort of "Auto Decorate" feature.

I love that it didn't take too long to introduce a female option in the cooks. I do wish customization came a bit earlier, since I have so much fun making OCs and such be chefs, but I can have fun imagining they're still cooking it up with a different avatar.

I know the mobile/app version probably fixed a lot of issues that this game had, but like I said before, I think it really should transfer over to the flash version as well. Apps are good for on-the-go play, but for us that want to just be at home on our computers, we shouldn't have to deal with a clunkier version.

Ultimately, while I do think Burgeria holds up much better than Pizzeria, it's still not one in the series I think I'd come back to, and definitely not one I can play for very long.