Reviews for "Papa's Burgeria"


I don't normally like games like these cause i get frustrated easily, but i just love Papa games for some reason. Great job.

preatty awesome good job

i love this game but it startes to get old and boring


it`s a very addictive game but my favorite part is to pause it when a fat customer comes in they don`t move but they keep walking and i`m here thinking run fatty run

More Addicting Than McD's

This is one of the most addicting job simulation games that you will ever play. Papa's Burgeria has all the things that come with being a burger flipper along with upgrades to keep you happy. While this game will not inspire you to get a job at Burger King (because, believe me, fast food is nowhere this easy a job), you'll definitely come back to this game everyday as if it were your career.

Very addicting!

This game was awesome! Very addicting, I found it hard to tear away after a few levels, and I still wanna play. The audio was great, very catchy. I never even had to mute it at all. The visuals were neat too, very smooth game play. I liked all the little details, like if the cheese was a little off center, or the burger was a little lopsided. This game is very fun, and leaves you wanting to make some burgers at home!