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Reviews for "Cardiac Conduction System"

nice concept

i like the idea, obviously needs some work but i believe theres many people willing to embrace this area given some nice informative visuals.
personally id love to see it turned into an exploratory mini game possibly involving some irregularity options if localised to organ function, and maybe even something to interact with closey to learn more about physiology in general
thanks :)
for this in particular id have liked the blood flow to repeat.

Nice Idea.

Simple and Clean. That is a good idea.

not bad

not too bad, alot better than other newgrounds submissions i've seen that's for sure. 6 considering i don't know the subject very well, so i can't critisise the information, or how well you presented it. good luck in the future

it does the job but it's a bit rough

I'd say the way it's presented is a bit too technical for someone who doesn't know any of this stuff, really only best as a set of reminder notes for someone who has already learned it. For a first-time learner, supplication would be required to be able to understand this fully.

There's a lot of info on one page but it's not too overwhelming which is good. The illustrations, however, are a little hard to follow because they look so sketchy.

Overall it's not really any more engaging or interesting than a set of powerpoint slides, but if that's what you were aiming for then great. It's explained fine, as far as I can see it's easy enough to at least get a broad understanding. I can't judge on the accuracy of the information presented though.