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Reviews for "Zombie Trailer Park"

Cant stop playing it

My only thing that frustrates me is that some dude in Denmark or Korea or such and such will always have a higher score than me. GAH


this game is awesome, its so fun all the other rates are stupid this game is a 10/10
i also liked how you got zombies from L4D niiiccee
would be good with medals though :/

I like this Game

If you make a sequel make it so you can put turrents or something up... More Weapons and stuff.. If you can


i love this game its fun pretty good graphics and takes some time patience and attention to play awesome!!!!

I beat that shit! Great game... just takes a bit of forethought and patience is all. On stage 4... only build shovel men til you have max salvage yards. Use the Harvester first as soon as the first fat zombie is near your base. And then start working on upgrades and such. It's not that hard you should be able to figure it out from there given enough time.