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Reviews for "Zombie Trailer Park"

i now no this game


ninja kiwi still gots it :) 5 of 5 !

This game i have played multiple times.. and i have finally thought of what i can say as a review...

i have decided that this game is 4.5 stars, this is because the game itself needs more levels. Its a brilliant game and at times it can be challenging, which is the beaut of the game. i do wish for every level that the scenery did change a little and change city to city (i am aware its the same city just wish there was more than 1 city and 1 trailer park).

i love the way that when you kill zombies you get a score and it gets used as "yee-haw", i believe that was a smart bit of the game and really i applaud you for that and in tough times when you think all is lost and the zombies are going to get you its handy to have. the high score board is an excellent idea and its makes the game so much more competitive which is great!! (trust me i have played this game many many times and i was addicted for hours!!)

i think the music choice was a splendid idea with the country/creepy theme if thats what you call it, its a great strategy game and all in all i LOVED IT!!! keep up the great work, even the art of it was a good, well drawn :) KEEP IT UP!!!

this game is awesome i give it a 5!