Reviews for "Fallen From The Moon"


I demand a refund there was a cat sound, when its a dog!


Dreamlike and creative, it's very much like a childhood fantasy. It's a wonderful change of pace for this site -- the game was a breath of fresh air. It's honestly refreshing to take a break from the day's stresses and play this for a few, uninterrupted minutes. The end was so charming, and it was just delightful to write all wrongs and see the benefits of helping the denizens of that world.

The gameplay is simple and sleepy -- just the way it should be. It's an utterly cheerful way to go to bed right now...I hope I have dreams of this. It really is so innocent and sweet. How unexpected! Thank you! The music, the presentation, the graphics, the story...it was all perfect!


Is the music available to download anywhere?


So very cute. I really love this game.

Cute and nice. Fun It's recommend. :)