Reviews for "Fallen From The Moon"

Love it.

I love the art work. Its very simple, but adorable. I particularly loved the little fish pond with the crab and worm, very cute! :P

Simple, easy game play/puzzles, perfect for children, although still fulfilling as an adult :)

Great job! Not a bad thing I can say about it. well done. 11/10.

Charming and well done.

Brimming with charm, while containing quick and simple puzzles that make for an excellent distraction. It may be easy, but it's an experience that is enjoyable from the opening scene.


Simple and fun!

cute~! <3

this is just cute and easy but every level worth it all,
the graphics are good and simple
eye-catching puzzle game..its sooooo uber-cute!
i just cant stop playing this game!

well done

the perfect puzzle game.