Reviews for "Two Red Buttons"

Great job!

loved the idea, the animation was just lacking


i enjoyed it very much i was curious both for both ways i played it until i know what happens when i do it wrong it was funny and awesome good job.

nettimato responds:

that's what i meant to happen; make people curious what happens if wrong button is clicked.

Not my cup of tea

To be honest, there isn't any kind of logic involved in this game. If anything, I would suggest making the next one, if there is a next one, a bit more intuitive with better graphics.

nettimato responds:

no logic, huh? isn't it logical to use spacesuit when going outerspace? nevermind, i fixed the genre. and yes, i'm thinking of making a new now when i have no time limit

Barebones but a nice concept

A simple choose-your-own-adventure idea presented very simply, with minimal sound and bland graphics. It has it's own charm, however, with it's scrawled writing and funny happenings if you make the wrong choice. Maybe add more noticeable sound and more polished graphics and I'd rate this higher. But for now, a 7/10.

nettimato responds:

it was pretty fun to make, i must say :D

but i made it as school project, so i had a time limit. that explains some errors. now, when flash time is over, i can make secuel in peace, with "more noticeable sound and polished graphics", unless my parents have something to say

Interesting Concept

however, the sound was glitchy (sound from one scene would still be playing onto the next scene). The results were sometimes unrealistic (you don't weigh anything when you're in space..) , and most hints were already implied. If there are only two buttons to choose from, and you choose the wrong one, wouldn't it be obvious that the other button would let you continue? anyways, i still found it interesting to see the outcome of each scenario and I honestly enjoyed this flash. hope you continue to submit items like this.