Reviews for "Two Red Buttons"

The "hard" part that i need help

I get it...But i need help when it shows the controll the UFO to the planet and just fly yourself to the planet.

nettimato responds:

click the character to suit him up with the spacesuit, click button for spacewalking and use jetpack to fly to the planet. and remember to cut the cable so you won't bounce back

Epic game XD

Its so funny this game, but hard to me XD im stuck in the part of the space :3 but its very good :D ROBLOX RULES!!!!

nettimato responds:

space is the hardest part... it just needs some thinking, you can't just click a button, there's some more to do...

Epic fo'shurzle

Hehe so funny! I wuv it, really creative! You should redo this in Roblox :D

nettimato responds:

good idea, mate, but i can't script LUA language


This game is pretty good creative,and sort of funny.Reminds me of the impossible quiz.

pretty cool

i liked it and i think you may have some potential as an animator. on an unrelated note, check out my art please!!
Oh yeah, how do you put the spacesuit on the cat-person? :(
7/10 4/5

nettimato responds:

putting spacesuit on is one of the errors i didn't have time to fix. it was supposed to be drag and dropped on him, but only clicking the character himself is enough.