Reviews for "Two Red Buttons"

Nice and funny but really kinda.... you know "doesnt make sense" but I did past all the way to space ship then died :3

I love Roblox
I download in 2012
Roblox was born in 2004
Roblox is the best game ever
im CatRamirez9000 im in Roblox
5 stars

It is a controversy! I feel like FFFUUUUU after each answer. 1.better stay and don't come out. *gets crushed by rocks*. 2. A zombie! If I will use the bomb I will blow up myself! *uses sword* DON'T I WEAR BOOTS NOT TO TOUCH THE INFECTION WITH BARE FEET?! 3. I'd better hide in a tent and sleep. Wait what? I DIDN'T MEAN TO IGNITE IT! 4. Taxi is faster, and in a bus there may be kids that may bully me. WHAT? I DON'T GO ON THE ROAD TO STOP HIM! 5. Ok better I fly with rocket, then I will always know the correct button. WHAT? I DIDN'T GO TO GET IN IT? 6. Ok. I think choose left button, 'cause right one is always self-destruct. WHAT?!!?! FALSE? Oh, it's probably NOT an alien UFO then. 7. Okay, I am not moving of course, time to take a sleep. WHAT?! DIDN'T I TURN OFF THE AUTOPILOT?!!? 7-2. Okay, I go out to carry it myself.... WAIT, IF I WOULD HAVE TAKEN THE NITRO WITH ME, I WOULD HAVE DIED. I PROBABLY DID THE RIGHT THING BUT I STILL HAVE TO RESET. Dang it, 3 stars

someone named robloxking whatever hacked my account on roblox now I cant play roblox