Reviews for "The Post-it Knight"

Really? Stop and go?

Really, I never considered stop and go a talent thing, just a tedium. I did like the sound effects, but nothing else stood out to me as really skillful. On top of that it seems like you really half-assed the storyline, using an extremely over used plot line, which is understandable if the piece is a parody or satire, but there were no other mocking elements. For stop and go, this was very good, and I'm sure you spent a lot of time on it, but I really think that you need put more time into the other aspects.


Just...GENIUS!!!that most be so hard to make...GOOD WORK GUYS!!!


i think it was cool and the board and the post it notes were genius!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop Motion is back!

I know how long it takes to do this so wow. Good on you for the patience.
Only got 1 question.
This whole thing with dragons kidnapping princesses and then putting them into a prison. How are the dragons dexterous enough to handle the lock on the door?

MittT responds:

...good question.


old style motion was nice, legend of zelda music and sounds where funny
first time i see someone doing an animation with a postit here in newgrounds lol