Reviews for "The Post-it Knight"


nicely done

lol doodle to the max

i love how it had music from the ocirana of time. interesting idea, never seen so many post-its used to that.... made a friend a suit of post its if that counts but loved it here lol


Man this is awsome liked the dragon.


Wow that video was amazing. I really loved it. Everything about this video was great. I loved how you made all the Post It Paper fall on contact. And the music was epic and awesome. The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Music was a outstanding choice. Overall: One of the best video's I have ever seen. Who could of thought that you can make a great video out of Post It Sticky Notes. The battle parts where awesome and dead on. The graphics where very well thought out. And the Animation was great. I love Stop Motion Animation. You guy's did a excellent job making this wonderful video. You get 10/10.

Great Animation

How many Post-It's did it take?