Reviews for "The Post-it Knight"

Really original

Especially if you consider how irritating it could be to work with post-it's. People think this is simple but you'll need many post-it's and you have to change them all the time.

XD I love it

I sent this to my sister cause it is awesome


supa nice

im a newgrounds critic

the drawings are great(especially the dragon). could of used more cartoonistic voices.it must have cost loads of money to by all the post its but it was worth it. im gonna give this a 9 ;)

MittT responds:

could of used more cartoonistic voices
more cartoonistic voices
cartoonistic voices

cool bro

this is a very good -uhh simple animation yeah thats right simple. but the lack of dialogue is met with a barrage of grunts and spurts that gives it its some life