Reviews for "The Post-it Knight"

pretty good.

but you should try to keep the camera in one spot more often, so it wont get all "bumpy" during the transactions of the li'l knite dude. or something along those lines.....

Loved it!

A bit crude and sloppy in some places, but any issues are made up for by the creativity and the sheer level of effort that clearly went into this. Well done, dude(s).

nice one

thats pretty sick

Truly a piece of art!

it's very original and creative in its simplicity.

VERY creative!

who would've thought someone would make this up? heh, I gotta say it's really a masterpiece.. eventhough it wasn't much and simple, but seriously.. I would praise the creators. so how many post-it papers did you guys use? lol! nevertheless.. it was really a masterpiece. Nice job and well done.