Reviews for "Santa's Christmas Secret"


What is with all of the Christmas shit you made?


santa is always in the christmas specials but he never has his own. the dancing was too long.


It wasn't that bad... the beginning with santa's sleigh could have been smoother, the way you had the reigndeer moving looked wierd... But I give you cookies, because I dislike drawing reigndeer and can see you put effort into this. As far as the Santa dancing... meh... It needed more then what it has in here... :D


Is that all?

nothing to it really

This isn't horrible, but it's not exactly good. The same 4 or so frame loop for almost the whole song isn't very creative, and will leave a lot of people bored to the point of leaving. The santa sleigh animation at the start was a 2 frame loop, tweened slightly up and down with a few basic clouds tweened pass.
It basically needs a lot more effort and substance put into it.
But you get a 5, because I've seen a lot worse, and there was obviously *some* effort put into making it.