Reviews for "Genesis(loop)"


reminds me opf resident evil for some reason, awsesome though lol

sorohanro responds:

thanx for review and good marks.that i made for a theatre play and that would the moment of genessis of human race...
what bigger evil can you think of ? :)
(or was that president evil?)


This made me remenisce about a cave in the game Flyff... and it made me sad.

sorohanro responds:

i don't know that game but i promise i'll make a happy loop for you
thanx for review and good marks

Great Song

Yea, Its a great ambient song, good for like a briefing scene, or something dramatic, unlike the other people i think its good that it is repetitive, because ambient songs shouldn't change too much or they wouldn't be ambient. Its a great song, i really like it. It could also be an intro to like a detective flash or something.

sorohanro responds:

glad you like it
I'm a big fan of Phillip Glass, so i like repetitive things
thanx for review

I llikes

pretty good, I liked the bass kinda backdroping the piano the whole song, kinda gave it layers, and i think it's interesting to hear it in different genres.

sorohanro responds:

i think is interesting to have different approaches to ... lets say, same piano part (changing the bass or rhythm but keeping same piano line)
thanx for review

great piece

good work, man. its amazing. I like the opening and the final.

sorohanro responds:

the opening and the final use the same piano theme with a lot of delay ... guess is catchy