Reviews for "Genesis(loop)"


You've made the perfect example of a loop! At least 30 seconds long, over a minute loop which really gets me and it loops perfectly! Bravo good sir, bravo indeed! I see great things for your future, great things indeed!

sorohanro responds:

i apreciate your feedback, is so nice when someone take the time to tell you he apreciate your work ...


Wow.. that was great...
sounds very dramatic... love it !!

sorohanro responds:

glad you like it, is quite an old project but one of my fav's too
thanx for review


That song calms my mind. Nice! Also, I'm the 200th person to vote on this (w00t!)

sorohanro responds:

quite impressive ... 200 votes
i'm glad you like it


I've been listening to this for about half a year now and i still love this song, im thinking about using it in a game im working on (its gonna take forever) but seriously, this song rocks dude.

sorohanro responds:

Thanx, hope you'll finish soon the game, I'll sure check it out :)

One thumb up, with a little smile..

This song makes me think of the depression of life: people with no future who walk in downtown at dusk, scientists working in a futuristic research center, ...

Very nice work. I wish I'd have attended at the play in which this soundtrack has played.

I give this song a 10 because there's nothing bad with this song. Nothing.

sorohanro responds:

Quite a dark vision you have about the future ... Strange thing, the theatre play was about creation of life :)
Thanx for the review and good score.