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Reviews for "Genesis(loop)"


my only complaint is that the bass doesnt quite fit in, but it does make it sound like its from law and order for some reason =\

sorohanro responds:

bass doesn't quite fit in ? like ... how ?
well, anyway, thanx for review (and for 10)

Great Song

Yea, Its a great ambient song, good for like a briefing scene, or something dramatic, unlike the other people i think its good that it is repetitive, because ambient songs shouldn't change too much or they wouldn't be ambient. Its a great song, i really like it. It could also be an intro to like a detective flash or something.

sorohanro responds:

glad you like it
I'm a big fan of Phillip Glass, so i like repetitive things
thanx for review

this song sounds so familiar....

this sound is like from one of those ol'e ps one games...um..spyro..sure brings back memories thanks for the song^^

sorohanro responds:

is all original work, glad you like it
thanx for review


not bad.kinda repetitive though.needs some sort of twist to it.nice job though!

sorohanro responds:

is repetitive because is supposed to be, ever heard of "minimalist music" ? (no, not minimal techno, more like Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, Michael Nyman ... search on wiki)
the "twist" needed is the middle part where have a modulation and after it the bass line changes
nice job ? well, thanx for the 6 then


Sounds professional, like a theme for a TV series.

sorohanro responds:

actually that was used in a theatre play, made special for it, so i guess it is professional