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Reviews for "Genesis(loop)"

Its realy good.

I think the song is nice,and it was also in shift 3,so thats good too.5/5 9/10

sorohanro responds:

i see that it is in "Shift 3" ... now that you mentioned it ...
thanx for review

Nice and calming...

Favourited, and now stuck in my head. Good work.

sorohanro responds:

i'm glad you like it

Cara, muito bom =D

D+++++++++++++++++, adoravel pra caramba
XD lol 10/10 100% K.O. (perfect) ;))))))))))))

sorohanro responds:

Mucho Gracias

nice....and finally

I tell most artists that they should have a bridge between their melody and not bore their audience to death. I love how there is a bridge to this piece. It breaks it all up nice and evenly. If it was just the melody it would be boring


sorohanro responds:

thanx for appreciating
the bridge is the usual trick, one semitone higher, still, working well ...

great piece

good work, man. its amazing. I like the opening and the final.

sorohanro responds:

the opening and the final use the same piano theme with a lot of delay ... guess is catchy