Reviews for "W.A.R"


When the second character got killed, i was like " I would go and teabag him, even if it nearly got me killed" then... IT FREAKING HAPPENED! Good job!

lol...the memories.

made me remember days like that just to piss people off. schvery nice.


Good nice and looked good


One of the best animations I've seen in a while with and incredibly detailed yet flowing animation style. It was also incredi-f***ing-ble funny at the end. It told the gaming spirit for all 10-year-old kids playing Halo, COD, and every other online FPS. Keep up the amazing work. Would you also tell me the music you used at the end during the credits?

That was pretty good.

The ending wasspiled because of the comments but it was funny nonetheless. Kinda felt like the long hallway should have been filled with guys to slaughter. Would have made it all the more amazing just to have him do that at the end. XD