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Reviews for "gravitation impulse"

Pretty Nice.

There's no words but it's all understandable; fairly sad.
Well done.

Oddly interesting

At first i was slightly put off as i attempted to figure out what was happening in the rather extreme randomness. After watching through more i came to appreciate the style of animation you have, it also blends and matches well with the music you chose. I came to like the way it quickly draws you into an intro-lacking scenario of free falling from... space seemingly? Characters could use minor polishing, although i found the slight lack of fluidity in the animation to be rather fitting to the style. All in all I think its good work and look forward to your proclaimed back story.


It's a little unusual, and a tad bit rough here and there, though it does appear that you have put a genuine effort into this. I'll admit, there are moments where I'm not quite sure what's going on, though the ending seems to offer an explanation.

Just keep on trying! I'll look forward to your comic!
~Axle (formerly phalasis)