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Reviews for "-=My Future=-"

I liked the intro to the song, it sets up the energy and happiness of the song great.
I love the amount of energy this song has, it makes it really fun to listen to!
It's a pretty good happy hardcore song I think :D

viewtifulday responds:

Thanks :)

I think this song earns 4/5 stars, because of the following reasons. Now, I don't make music myself, so I don't know how easy/difficult it is, I just know what I think about this song, which is very positive, but I also want to have to critism. Because at the end of the day, we all want to learn something.

A very nice start of a good song! The melody was strong and clear, and I definitely enjoyed it. I was immediately sure about the fact that you just wanted speed in your song. And it worked out for sure.
At 0:12 I thought that I got the song. It was a nice transition and a perfect melody, however, very unfortunately, we immediately got a new transition at 0:22. Then after that, you finally held on for quite a while, which I was really glad about, because I liked the melody and didn't want it to be interrupted.
At 1:22, I thought there was a glitch on Newgrounds. So I listened again. And again. But the strange variety in sound volume was still there. I don't know if I imagened it, to me me, it sounded really weird how the sound got a little... dizzy?
The end was bad. That's all I have to say about that. It sounds like you were like: "You know what, I stop with this song. That's it." I think you should have done something like what you did on 1:05 (however, I think that transition could have been a little longer) and then end it. This almost sounded rude.

viewtifulday responds:

I'm glad you liked the song, for the most part.
What I did at 1:22 was I added reverb gradually to the melody, which created the "dizziness" you spoke of. This was used as a buildup technique, and it was meant to transition into the drop. I like the effect and I'm sorry that you didn't.
The ending was lazy, I do admit. But I am not making any money doing music, and so I don't take it very seriously most of the time. Thanks for your in depth comments

I do like the song, but it's very repetitive. Almost the entire song sounds very similar.