Reviews for "One Chance"

A Very Sad Game

I played it a couple of times, since i have multiple computers adn it really seems that there is no "All's well that ends well" type of ending. I love the fact that there is no replay button even if you refresh or delete cookies and history, makes it feel more authentic. I also love how you didn't rate the endings.

Spolier Alert!
1st ending: I worked hard every day to find the cure at the end i went to the park with my daughter and we died together
2nd ending: I worked even on the final day and cured me and my daughter, but the rest of the world? who knows i hope they don't have to repopulate O_O
3rd ending: Spent all my time with my family until that ass killed me
4th ending: Spent all my time with my family, defended myself, only for that guy to kill my entire family.
5th ending: spent some time with my family and then they disappeared one after another and i spent the rest of my days til death to find a cure, but didn't

I was finally satisfed with the second ending but i played on just to get a good feel the game is very sad the wife doesn't make it in any versions and you only find the cure if you work EVERY DAY. I hated that that ass killed the entire family and you had to bury them. The somber music is a very nice touch. Overall a 10/10. Made me realize in life you really only have one chance.

I found a bug

When I went to the park, the last day, after that crazy guy killed my family, I had my dotter holding on me, until I movd, when she dissappeared. If she was dead, how could her be with me?
Loved the game, and the idea

A Great Experience

First of all, excellent choice in music, it did a great job of capturing the overall mood. I love how you go through the same routine everyday, even down to the seemingly pointless driving scenes. It adds to the anticipation in its own kind of way.

Anyone who knows a little bit about Flash will know how to replay it, but the fact that you chose to try and force the player to live with his or her actions was beautiful. You tossed replayability out the window for that artistic touch, which I respect.

The story itself was simply, brief, yet emotional. Short games usually don't equal memorable experiences, but this quick play tinkers with the inner human.
I'll have to keep my eye on you.


Very touching, and I curse you for not adding the replay, I need to play this over again right now, but every time I refresh, I'm back in the lab, dead....

Very insightful game

I ended up with the cure but spent no time with my wife but my daughter survived...