Reviews for "Capt Pancakes adventure"

Other great scape game

Only the music is some lazy..borred but nice game.

Eh, sorta mediocre.

I've seen games like this dime a dozen. Personally, it's good, but I prefer it if the game had a lot more appeal... more features, and not so bland a world.


The visuals are too pixelated. Maybe try making the pixels smaller so you can add more detail. It kind of ached my eyes trying to look at the game. Also, the screen is quite juttery when walking, it looks as though his walking loop actionscript has a pause between the loops.

Work on your visuals and some niggling aspects of the coding and you'll do much better, I think!

zelda type

I hate pancakes....but who doesn't like a type of zelda game? But I think it's a bit to pixalated for me.