Reviews for "Capt Pancakes adventure"

awesome walk motion

yay 4 pancakes !

cute game ! :D

I wanted to hate it

I really don't like games like this. The graphics are really primitive, but it worked. I didn't run into any bugs or glitches or anything, so that's good. It was fairly easy, and short, so a little more depth to the game would have been nice. Other than that I really ended up liking it. Is there a way to print out the voucher? I want my free pancakes dammit! :oP

ThomSip responds:

Sorry, the voucher is only valid in retro-world :(

But glad you liked it :)

Eh, sorta mediocre.

I've seen games like this dime a dozen. Personally, it's good, but I prefer it if the game had a lot more appeal... more features, and not so bland a world.

Achievements is the new black.

You should ask Tom for some achievements and a place on the front page