Reviews for "Rotoscope Compilation!"

Rototally awesome!

I saw a mentino of ringgit in there ... I miss Malaysia (KL specifically) so much!

ISKL 4eva!!!!

Oh, and awesome work :D

akoRn responds:

thanks man.. :D wow, ricepirate commented on our work. appreciate it. :P
KL is very modern n all.. if u wanna see the 'heritage' side of Malaysia, go to Penang or Malacca. :D

Interesting Compilation

This was quite an interesting compilation consisting of several artists. All the skits looked like real people turned into 2D characters, very interesting. For such a large file and amazing piece I'm surprised not many people have even reviewed this gem yet.

There's no real storyline but each little skit consisted of something different from not drinking to simply jamming out to music. Very nice there.

The choice in music was vast which is great and the way the people's names are said at the title screen is nice since it becomes clear to the users how to pronounce a user's name.

Overall this is a nice piece of work.

akoRn responds:

haha.. thanks.

*immitate the menu's guy voice* SCTE3 !!!!
(the voice guy is Ayai)


Loved this work guys! Young people making cool short animations, loved each of them, I liked the audio, the animation, the colors, and most of all, the menu!! That menu was super cool, loved the voice, it was a pretty good way to present the members of the collab!!

I don't have much to say, it was a good job, liked ALL of the animations, I liked a lot the songs, you guys have chosen the songs very well, I liked the second one, the "Whoo Hoo" song, I forgot it's name now but it'san awesome song. Also, I heard "Horse With no Name" from America, in a modern version... Loved it.

Keep the good work up guys!!

-Member of the Review Request Club-


akoRn responds:

thanks.. that wohoo animation is by Ayai, he also do the voice at the menu. THANKS! =D


Astounding visuals and a compilation was a nice idea. But where is the play all button?

akoRn responds:

thanks.. we want to point out the specialty on each individual, so we would like user to actually choose which artist's work they wanted to watch first.

we think that if we made a "play all" button.. the artist name wouldn't be noticed too much. cuz ppl tend to watch the animated without lookin at the bottom corner of the video (where the name is).

thx for the comment n suggestion.. =D


i liked them all :P
the lazendar's one is kinda gay :/
my fav was the excid's and the maya's

akoRn responds:

Lazendar is actually a girl.. she juz put as a male here in NG. :P