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Reviews for "Cookie Jar Gone Wrong"

Omega's Thoughts

Oh, wow. That definatley took an intense turn. The unpredictibility of the whole ordeal is what really got me going, and that's why I'm rating it so high.

The only critique I have is to possibly make the gun sound effects a little more louder so the entire flash is smooth audio-wise. In my opinion, the loading and gunshots weren't as loud as they should have been, and they could have made it even funnier, but the concept is hilarious on its own. Good job for making a good number of people laugh, including myself.

What the hell!?!?

Awwwww f***ing hell it has raisins!

This is so stupid...wait what?!

I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire thing. It was completely unexpected, "Yes you!" "F***, they found out." (Loads up gun)
If the contest wasn't over yet, I'd totally submit this to the NG treasure hunt! I think it would also have a fair chance of winning the Original Comedy part. The only thing that didn't make sense was that the man ran away but the kids stayed even after Billy was shot.

Freakin Hilarious!

I have friggin watched this a million times and keep laughing! this is like a classic!

A tiny bit darkened.

I enjoy at first how it came off family friendly despite the mature rating. Then I seen "John" and new right away something bad would happen, but I certainly did not expect THAT.