Reviews for "endeavor"

Well worth ten stars!

I really like this game, it gives you a lot to do, but doesn't seem as daunting as some similar games.


Very GOOD GAME!!! I could'n stop playing! lol
nice different endings... so far so good man! continue this way!

This game is so addicting

I thought this wasn't the kinda game that I would play twice? But yet, I proved myself wrong :D A sequel would be so awesome :)


this game is worthy of much more than 10/10 but sadly the rating only lets me do up to 10...

Rating for endeavor: 1000000000000 / 10

Briliant game which I will play again and again!

Epic Game!

The story is quite nice! One good addition to it would be a map though. It's quite creative how you have this "Malor" trying to trick you. I'm not sure if i got the good, evil, or bad ending, I got 9 gems, killed 2 creatures, but at the end when i got the sword i got the hero acheivement and it said the world is saved. Can someone please tell me what ending i got?