Reviews for "endeavor"

holy shit

i havent enjoyed a game like this in years. no kidding. not ANY video game. and im a huge gamer i play a shit ton of different games. good job man.


nice but maybe i wanted to destroy the world and knew that helping malor would do that and i enjoyed killing all i came across just wish it would continue after the great shadow fell so i could kill a few more frightened denziens of the world
eh oh well guess ill play it again and this time kill everything in the ocean too maybe ill help him maybe i wont it depends on my mood at the time still it wa a good game

Is this by the creator of Knytt???

This has that same addictive formula and wonder atmosphere! I love it! You wouldn't believe how much time I spent playing Knytt. I noticed familiar creatures and scenery.

While not as good in my opinion, it's still a brilliant game. Well done!


So when I started playing this, I had NO idea what I was doing nor why I was doing it. An hour or two later, I'm staring at the credits screen. Wonderful experience. I can't really put into words the "feeling" the game presented you with. You have no direction, and you're only limited by how much you find through how much you explore. This is definitely a must play!

great game, hard as hell