Reviews for "endeavor"

This is a classic but I honestly think it'd be more epic without background music. Just ambient noise instead. Shadow of the Colossus style.

Oh.. and now it bugs when you fall down from the underhanging ladders at the start and screen get stuck and it plays the falling noise over and over. darn :( A classic bites the dust.

awesome game! none of the medals worked for me though maybe if i refresh

it was nice until i fell into the water completely exhausted and the game stopped reacting on any input except esc and p

An incredible, complex, nuanced game that combines branching paths and a feeling of real adventure with beautiful 8-bit environments and a story that I won't forget any time soon. It really gives you a sense of being able to explore the world at your leisure and do what you please, pursuing whatever goals you deem worthy of your attention. Endeavor is a wonderful experience, and I would reccommend it to anyone, truly exhibiting the potential inherent in the platform of Flash. I sincerely hope that Zillix goes on to create experiences on par with this one.

One of the best ever mate! good job! I love it with the mutliple endings!