Reviews for "endeavor"

Even though i haven't completed the game, this gave life to me, i've never enjoyed games as much since Minecraft. I don't know why, but it has a charm to it.

I actually figured out Malor was evil (he has Mal in his name AND is a weird voice in the sky that asks you to bring it artifacts of power), so in my first playthrough, I didn't collect the gems. My second, I acted like a well-meaning guy used by evil forces. My third, well... I need a new Z key.

Love the game, reminds me of afew others. Well thought out and have played alot!

Awesome, awesome game. Almost everything I like - big world, nice characters, multiple endings.
On my last replay I killed 41 creatures. (Hope that's all of them.) I'm really evil. =)

i love this game and i love zillix for creating it