Reviews for "endeavor"


This is just insanely amazing dude. I love the music, I love the graphics (Flixel and 8bit ftw!), I love the storyline and the gameplay. This is the perfect example for a combination of good gameplay and art. I haven't seen anything this awesome in quite a while, good job mate, keep it up!


The animation seems old-school, and the music is superb. The story has a goal, and gameplay mechanics are good and solid. But something that is just epic is the actual gameplay. There are many places branching off from one place, the game starts off linear and simple, but turns more complex and multi-pathed fast. When I thought I lost, it was just a start of another part of the game. Genius.

Front page worthy.

Iv just started the game but I must say I see alot of promise. I'd be suprised and disappointed if this didn't make it to the front page.


Fun game, and yay, medals!!