Reviews for "endeavor"

One of my favorites that I keep coming back to. It's a retro-style masterpiece with a good moral -- what you put faith in comes with its own consequences. Also great background music.

oh yea a childhood game :D

btw if you want to do all the endings it will take you a hour and a half

I love pixel/retro styled games. They have a strange and appealing aesthetic that always draws me in. Because of that, I'm more likely to play a game because of it being a pixel/retro game. The music is a big factor in a games general atmosphere while playing as well, so extra for that!

Simplistic but good graphics, challenging but not infuriating gameplay and tight controls. There's a real sense of exploration, and I think a big factor in that is how small the character is. You feel like you're exploring a magnificent, vast world. The music is nice, and the music for the Malor temple is especially cool. The stamina mechanic is also nice and makes you be tactical about your platforming, as well as being a nice substitute for actual death. There's lots of upgrades that let you uncover new areas. The different endings also add possibilities. Like I said, the greatest thing about the game really is the exploration. There's no map, you just learn as you go and it makes it that much more ambient and adds to that feel of a wondrous world. I like how there's also an extra gem to find. Great game overall.

Que nostalgia. Lo jugué hace 8 años y fue bonito volver a vivir la experiencia. En ese entonces no compete este juego al 100%