Reviews for "endeavor"

Don't Trust Him, Go To The Far West. "Left" And Once You Have The Lightning And Glove, Climb The Wall. Grab The Fruit Of Youth Which Is At The Top. Don't forget To Use The Parachute, Then Go Right Until The Vines You Jump On Turn To Rope, Keep Going And You Get Home. Don't Forget To Kill The Dudes, They're Still Jerks.


Pretty good, the repetitive jumping got boring, though. I have to say that the whole gem collecting thing was very boring too. But I did like the storyline, how everyone but his father told him he won't achieve anything and that he was nothing, but eventually found a way. Overall, it was a kinda fun platformer but it kinda fell apart after you fall and all you have to do is get gems.

I see your inspriation for SotC. Very nice.

i played it without reading anything other than controls. my first thought was "This is a lot like shadow of the colossus". you said ti was an inspiration, and you nailed it right on. great game, 5 stars

also, liked the storyline. had to play it twice