Reviews for "endeavor"


Games like this are posted way too less.

A game i can literally get lost in!

This is a godly game on many levels. The world itself is so vast, i found myself lost multiple times until i finally started getting my bearings. Great fun and very creative! Easily a game I could beat multiple times. I'm actually still searching for the Good ending lol. Great work!

Good God! OoO

Marvelous! :D I love the good old fashion pixelstyle and the music is both great and fitting. Our "dwarf"maincharacter thou seems an awful lot like Falco, in pixel style, from any of the Fox nintendogames :o

I too am learning to be a programmer and this must be a VERY good example of the awesomeness it can do, in the right hands it can be a glorious piece of imagination like this..... (I wonder what the defenition of the "WRONG hands" would be..... (O.O MAYBE EV√úL D8 D8 (or maybe just CRAP!)))

I sensed that I shouldnt help the voice but I couldnt resist to what would happen ^^ I got pleasently surprised to actually loose. :D Will now try to WIN this...
Great job!


reminds me of the robot wants series 10/10


This is just amazing, great story and idea, I killed 25 people, thats not THAT many...is it?