Reviews for "endeavor"

Soild gaming

Love it, great game. Just the right length in game time, addictive little thing that you cant stop playing, good story...definatly trying again to get the other ending


I love this game! I didn't beat it yet, but when I will, I'll definitely replay to get the other ending :D

The game I kept getting back to

Multiple endings and a whole lot of things to explore. I liked the part where I saved the world the proper way. (Not telling anyone how).

I really like the game and its design. Hope to see more games like this.


Games like this are posted way too less.

A game i can literally get lost in!

This is a godly game on many levels. The world itself is so vast, i found myself lost multiple times until i finally started getting my bearings. Great fun and very creative! Easily a game I could beat multiple times. I'm actually still searching for the Good ending lol. Great work!