Reviews for "endeavor"

I think I managed to get to the sword before I was meant to do it. If you feel like that could be troublesome, you can PM me so I can tell you exactly what happened. The game was awesome, the story was deep and the fact that the game is vast, helps to it's ambience. I really enjoyed the hours I spent playing this.

This game sucks, got stuck on the first leve

This was a truly amazing game in my opinion.
The flow and movement of your character is simple yet appealing just as the scenery is, in its own "pixely" way.

All Endings / Secret Achievements :

Hero/1st Ending : Dont get fooled by Malor and dont kill many creatures

Pawn/2nd Ending : Collect enough gems to restore the power of Malor

Savage/3rd Ending : Defeat Malor and kill many creatures

Forever Endeavor/4th Ending : Collect enough gems to restore the power of Malor and kill many creatures

Secrets Revealed :D

This is so much fun. I just caNT FIND THOSE LAST TWO SECRET ACHEIVMENTS. Great game though, so simple, but it builds and builds as you collect upgrades. I also really liked how the people that spoke to you warned you and made you think about why you were collecting gems. I went the wrong way the first time but I got it the second time. Really fun, well done.