Reviews for "endeavor"

great game but i got stuck

GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great game! I got stuck on some sort of debug menu from hitting a combination of keys I couldn't find near the end though.

This is a very epic game with an almost touching gameplay. I love the depth of the game and the factor of spontaneous decision making. I haven't finished it-(I will)-but I could already feel like there are so many ways for this to end and that more surprises are gonna await for me soon. I like the simple graphics and how the controls are pretty soft. Why are people calling this boring? Stop peeking through a key hole and open the door to this great fantasy world in store for you! I really love it and I'm am psyched to try to complete all the medals. There's an atmosphere within the game that makes it so special ( Atleast thats what I feel) Good game and trully worth my time. It deserves a 5 star by every aspect. Thanks and great work :D

I think I managed to get to the sword before I was meant to do it. If you feel like that could be troublesome, you can PM me so I can tell you exactly what happened. The game was awesome, the story was deep and the fact that the game is vast, helps to it's ambience. I really enjoyed the hours I spent playing this.