Reviews for "endeavor"

By far my favorite Metroidvania *ever*. Its deceptively simple storyline manages to be incredibly compelling (when I got the first bad ending, I was absolutely shocked by the revelation). Great and responsive controls, a good amount of variety in the regions, and a perfect length - took me about an hour the first time I played it, but I was able to complete the other endings in about 20 minutes each using the skills I'd built up from the first run-through.

me my first time playing this game: them "you're not strong enough." me: well I better go get stronger. me this time: them: "you're not strong enough" me: ... FIGHT ME.

also second-time:
Malor: help me regain my power, fallen one.
me: no. with no respect whatsoever, I'm going to collect no gems at all, so you can't use me as a pawn for destroying my world. so, as I said, with no respect at all, go die. or rather, wait here for I will kill you myself.

also, I thought the legendary climber's dialogue was going to be an arrow to the knee joke.

You've done a great job creating this game. I love collecting things. I didn't have time to finish it, but I will be back.

No mater how many times i finish this game, i couldnt unlock the last secret medal :c
STILL Is my fav upgrade game <3 <3

Never can forget this classic (unless you are doing a 100% run)!