Reviews for "(APH) Fancy LLama Choir"


loved it

was that photoshop in som characters?

make moar

xD. . .

No esperaba menos de ti ^^, un simple y excelente trabajo como siempre fiori, sigue asi. . . .

short,simple and funny

good animation, loved the code geass reference and it was pretty good overall. i just wish you would make your flashes a little bit longer in the future.

points for freakazoid.

i saw this once on an after school special, mary and sally. best friends. they did absolutely everything together. then one day, mary fell in with the wrong crowd and mary didn't have time for sally anymore. sally would say "wanna go play a game or pretend we're kitties?" and mary would say "uh uh. i'm in with the wrong crowd. sally was so sad, she ran home, climbed up a tree and started eating cookies. a ton of cookies.

i liked it

not your best piece of work but is nice and simple
down side Its short, nothing that throws you off your seat, not many pl (me included) know who lord bravery is.

please keep up the good work