Reviews for "Pokemon Flash Version 1"

another pokemon parody...

well the movie has it moments.


I've always wanted to steal that other pokemon. It was cute, definitely dark humor, but still amusing. As for the naming the rival, I only with there were enough spaces to give him some of the names I've thought of. (Last thing I named him was, "Bich Boi".) Loved the random appearance by Link, and Dramatic... Whatever that was. (Gerbil?)

As for having battle scene music when General Poopypants leaves, that confused me for a second. Ending it with battle scene music, (Which also confused me for a second.), it makes me want to see more of this, just to know what happens next.

anunfittingname responds:

Dramatic........Prairie Dog I think.

Great idea.

This would be a really good series to do. I'd suggest to just go for it. :D

Not bad

Actually pretty entertaining. Be sure to spell and grammar check the dialogue though; to me they're a bit distracting. Looking forward to episode 2!


I would very much like to see more of this. I believe in time, this will become a great series indeed.