Reviews for "Pokemon Flash Version 1"

dude, please...

disregarding the hate, what u have here is comedic gold. but as a series, not only would u create art, but comedic platinum. dont let idiocy who cannot comprehend your efforts, stop you from making something awesome.

That wasn't even funny

A bunch of lame pedophile jokes about pokemon.
Oh and a bunch of overused memes. Gratz
You managed to not come up with one actually funny joke.
Don't make a series out of this unless you can come up with your OWN jokes. seriously
On the plus side you can actually use flash, and animate smoothly.. using sprites..


That was really good, I hope you turn this into a series. I actually lauged out loud several times. especially when link randomly appears.

Excellent parody of the original pokemon games and all the pop culture and other video game references were funny as hell too. This was surprisingly well animated for a project of this type, great job.

You are looking at a very successful series, try to gain some exposure.


I've always wanted to steal that other pokemon. It was cute, definitely dark humor, but still amusing. As for the naming the rival, I only with there were enough spaces to give him some of the names I've thought of. (Last thing I named him was, "Bich Boi".) Loved the random appearance by Link, and Dramatic... Whatever that was. (Gerbil?)

As for having battle scene music when General Poopypants leaves, that confused me for a second. Ending it with battle scene music, (Which also confused me for a second.), it makes me want to see more of this, just to know what happens next.

anunfittingname responds:

Dramatic........Prairie Dog I think.

dude.... oh my gosh....

That nidorino fucked the hell outa Prof. Oak................ lol. This was absolutely epic. definitely want a sequel please please please... i'll show you my pokeballs if you make one!

My favorite part was naming your rival. Everyone gives him some fucked up name. Its great...

10/10 5/5

anunfittingname responds:

General Poopypants. Lighthearted. But fucked up in a much deeper manner.