Reviews for "Pokemon Flash Version 1"

WTF lol

That was something epic. Dammit make more!

P.S. About 8 months I don't make a review, BUT TIS IS TOO EPPIK so I couldn't resist.


Damn that was nice! Nice job on keeping the familair part high, it's so easy to wander off that path.
I'm looking forward to any other parts, if you have enough time, and nothing better to do ;)

Pahahaha, fuckin sweet.

This was ten times better than any of the pokemon sprites I've ever made. I was seriously laughing out loud during the beginning. I can't wait to see more from you.

This was pretty funny...

But the sexual humor was kinda stale and tactless. The way those punchlines came out, I expected one of the characters to wink at the camera or shrug their shoulders, it was so cut and dry.

anunfittingname responds:

Im British. We have a weird sarcastic kind of humor. Thats why Flash comes across a bit depressed because everyone around him is a f**king idiot.


and the credits are prty funny too lolz, GENERALY POOPYPANTS, what did you just call me grandpa