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Reviews for "AMP'D"

485 feet, almost in top 10 :|

A very original game, but it lacked fun. Yes fun. This is one of those games where you dont keep playing cuz its fun, your playing cuz your trying to get a higher score. (or a medal) It was enjoyable alright, but just needs something more. One thing i though of is perhaps a 'hard difficulty' where it costs energy to jump.

Well done

I don't know why people are complaining about unresponsive controls. They seem just fine for way the jump was implemented. The jump happens upon release of the click, not when pressing.

My only complaint is the color scheme and the running animation seems a little odd.


I think the song used was great, and also there is a slight reaction problem, hence i can never get over 300ft but maybe i'm one of the few experiancing this. it does get repetative though which is annoying, maybe make a new version with like different levels and stuff.

Looks like you concentrated more on the scoring than you did on the game itself, for that reason I'll give it 8 stars

Bad Design or Purposely Flawed?

After a while I toyed around with the jumping and discovered I could just about float the entire time instead of running if I just constantly kept hitting the jump button. Doing this made it easy to avoid all the traps and grab enough energy to keep my alive. So I don't know if this is because you didn't program this right or if you left this feature in there on purpose.

Either way, fun, but kinda easy.

not bad!