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Reviews for "FF Crisis Core in 3 min."


Nice parody. I really like random thoughts. It makes it more funny lol. Now I'll go back to Midgar for my tragic quest to reach Midgar. XD keep up!

About the wings-

Genesis was already dying the ENTIRE game, and fact that he had an illness that couldn't be fixed combined with the fact that he had wings twisted his way of thinking a little. He was mentally diseased at that point and believed that if something was different it was meant to die, including himself. (might as well go out with a bang) Angeal was his best friend, so naturally Angeal would do anything Genesis was doing NO MATTER WHAT and Genesis brainwashed him with his twisted thoughts. Sephiroth, well he's an entirely different plot..

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Makes sense for genesis then, tough I was mostly referring why Angeal makes such a big deal about the fact that he MUST be evil for some reason.
But indeed, Genesis Brainwashing him might be an explanation.
Still, it could have used more attention in the game's plot.

While there are possible explanations, it's still barely touched upon in the game, leaving me with little patience and care for Angeal's fate.

You were born in a LAB

its funny with a hook i like that!!


Hey did u know you were born in a laboratory???

Rather fun!

Tho I not player of FF but I liked the toon pretty funny RPG parody plot!